Solo show, FRAC des Pays de la Loire, Carquefou (FR), 2012.


A Brief History of Everything
2 steel reinforcement bar gates, 104 x 180 cm (40,9 x 70,9 inches) each, 2012.


Imagining a narrative and looking at the speculative dimension of this work involves a circulatory movement between the artefacts, as the works take on the characteristics of an underlying history overriding their physical presence, and the exhibition alternates between fable and archaeology.Olivier Marboeuf in The Scout and the Hunter. On the art of decoy in Christine Laquetʼs oeuvre. Ed. FRAC des Pays de la Loire.


Ways of Seing (The Wolf) / (The Hind) / (The Deer)
3 acrylic and japonese ink on polyester net, 3 x 2 m (118,1 x 78,7 inches), 2012.

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Suspended sculpture fully realized in glass (cords, bars and hooks), 140 x 65 cm (55 x 26 inches), 2008.

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Fly Fishing
Mixed media (galvanized steel, electric rotary motor, rubber, cable), 2010. 
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You Should Never Forget The Jungle
A collaboration with Robert Steijn, performance video 16/9 HD, 19 min, 2012.

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You Should Never Forget The Jungle is a happy encountering -erotic and ultimately tragic- between a young deer and a hunter, around a boundary embodied by a knife. The performance begins with an hypnosis, the countdown enables a change of realities, a transformation inside the narration. The hunter is faced with an animal that looks human. Finally, while being caught in a cornelian dilemma, he shoots the deer, feeling exasperated by its dances. But this is not quite a death since it initiates a molt where limits are exceeded, prior to any ritual initiation. C.L.

See the extract of the performance You Should Never Forget The Jungle



Night Shots
Photography animation, video. B&W, no sound. Length: 5min40, 2012.

A surveillance camera in the French mountains. Animals passing by night are triggering a photography sequence edited in the purpose of creating a film based on the fantasy of the wild animal and a certain closeness.

See the film Night shot 



Exhibition catalog Une Brève Histoire de Tout, Christine Laquet.

Texts (FR/GB): Olivier Marboeuf. Photographic credits: Marc Domage. Ed. FRAC des Pays de la Loire (FR), 2014.

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On the art of decoy in Christine Laquet’s oeuvre
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