Collective show, 24Beaubourg Gallery, Paris, 2019.



These two works by Christine Laquet give access to visionary space. The painting with three eyes (a self-portrait) is in relation to a performance given in NY in 2013, where the artist ritualized the opening of the third eye in relation to speech and shout. The sculpture of the blue bird with knife blades refers to the famous scene of the eye and razor in Luis Buñuel’s film Un Chien Andalou. Except that here, it is not a question of instituting a surreal arrangement between an Invisible which would be separated from the visible world. For Laquet it is important to give back an access to this visionary space and its domains even if the link to the beyond that it suggests can be sharp.
(…) The visionary phenomenon is experiencing new vitality. A growing number of artists, thinkers, and researchers are interested in this little-known reality of human cognition that goes beyond the realm of the mind or brain functioning. Beyond the imaginary, what non-human realities does the visionary phenomenon cover? How does it embody a matrix of art and culture?
Pascal Pique, curator /
Le musée de l’invisble.



Three Mouths
Oil pastel on silk paper laminated on aluminum plates, UV print on Plexiglass, wooden shelf, 56 x 51 cm, 2019.

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Knifebird # 2
Resin sculpture, blue tape, 5 Japanese knife blades, rotary motor, 147 cm x 30 cm x 17 cm, 2019.



At the occasion of the launch of the  
With Art Orienté Objet, Basserode, Charley Case, Céline Cléron, Philippe Deloison, Damien Deroubaix, Aurélie Dubois, Jean-Luc Favéro, Catherine Flurin, Vidya Gastaldon, Myriam Mechita, Anika Mignotte, Isabelle Levenez, Sandra Lorenzi, Lea Le Bricomte, Isabelle Peru, Catitu Tayasu, Christine Laquet, Olivier Raud, Nathalie Regard, Irina Rotaru, Jean-Jacques Rullier, Sandra Valabrègue et Lionel Sabatté.