Series of 12 photographs, double UV printing on Plexiglass, 50cm ø x 1cm, 2015.


view from Bilaterale Parade, solo show , White Project Gallery, Paris (FR), 2015. 



The title of the project is inspired by an invention of American researcher and activist Stewart Brand: a clock whose independence, strength, and accuracy will be able to operate during the ten thousand years to come. Accompanied by Brian Eno, scientists, and financiers, their hope is to provide a counterpoint to the accelerated culture we live in and to contribute to a long term reflection about the commons. The invention of the atomic bomb anchors our human actions in chaos, as a final moment of destruction and annihilation. Christine Laquet chose to select twelve nuclear tests photographs, taken between 1945 and 1962 in the United States and hang them to the wall with the symbolic form of a mandala, supposed to cure « an evil ». Twelve pictures –design like a spread clock- as an attempt to cast a spell to rethink time and the speed of the world. The incandescent color images are arranged on the wall like an explosion, reflecting a terrible beauty. C.L.



view from MAKE IT LAST FOREVER, collective show, Millefeuille Gallery, Nantes (FR), 2017.


Laquet got inspired by another  mandala, also known for its power to heal from something bad, to give a form to her new arrangement.


Link to the show Bilaterale Parade