Photography printed on a micro-perforated tarp, 244 x 220 cm (96,1 x 86,6 inches), 2017.


Je Meteorite #1

To meteorize, in Ancient Greek, is is to raise to a height, to ascend in vapors or to take the form of a meteor. Like a tribute, I am placing the alien stone in front of her own head, reminiscent of African statuary. The title Je Mététorite transforms the noun into a verb, calling to a certain transfiguration, like a possible creolization of the human and non-human. The large photograph is investigating embodied sensorial practice to convey a shift in our perception and relation to the mineral world and the cosmos. C.L.


view from Apparition Disparaissante, solo show, Site Saint Sauveur Gallery, La Rocheservière (FR), 2017.   


Je Météorite #2


view from Apparition Disparaissante, solo show, Saint Sauveur Site Gallery, La Rocheservière (FR), 2017. 



view from He Is The King, I Am The Art, Vieux Saint Laurent Church, Rennes (FR), 2019.



Link to the show Apparition Disparaissante