Photographic diptych on Dibond, 110 x 73 cm (43,3 x 28,7 inches), 2007.


La Tanière


Nous nous sommes fortement influencés


I took these photographs in the Lacaune Forest, precisely where Victor de l’Aveyron – alias l’Enfant Sauvage– was first captured in 1797, when he was about 12. Impregnated by this story, I captured the surroundings, when my eyes stops on a large den and on those trees with a majestic curvature. C.L.



view from Nous nous sommes fortement influencés, solo show, le L.A.I.T. Art Center, Bellevue site, Albi (FR), 2007.


view from Réelles Fictions, group show, Art school Gallery, Cholet (FR), 2012.



Link to the show Nous nous sommes fortement influencés