Series of 25 collages on wooden boxes (ornamental trimmings and synthetic stone on offset printing), 22.6 x 28.6 cm (8,9 x 11,3 inches), 2015.

ens.delaforcedes7view from BILATERALE PARADE, solo show, White Project Gallery, Paris (FR), 2015.




True memories of the planet, certain stones seem to contain both the original past and the future. They seem frozen in time, but their strata are the sign of perpetual movement: they induce a dilation of time. On specimens’ strength is a gallery of portraits which borrows from the cabinet of curiosity. Photographed with a black background, each precious stone corresponds to a specimen that the artist illuminates with embroidered trimmings and synthetic stones, to bring out unexpected traits and to examine the border between its animate and inanimate nature. This series refers to the Treasures of the catacombs (Paul Koudounaris, 2013). Discovered in Italy in the 16th century were incredible skeletons of saints adorned with stones, as if the mineral imbued with supernatural powers embodies the soul at the heart of matter. C.L.

Every stone is a mountain in power “,  every man is a grain of sand, a force of resistance.” Roger CAILLOIS, La Lecture des Pierres, Xavier Barral / Paris Natural History Museum, 2015.





Link to the show BILATERALE PARADE