2min31 (loop), 2019.
Translation and text: Christine Laquet (freely inspired from the book “Carnet sans bord” by Lili Frikh). Voice and sound composition : Adrian Owen.



view from DIS-APPEAR-RE-APPEAR-, solo show, Art au centre Gallery, Laval (FR), 2019.



The Beast
She is careful, the beast.     She is holding back.      She does not give a sign.      She leaves no trace, the beast.     
She is not trembling. She is not bleeding.      She does not scream.      She is hurt.      Nature wounded.     
Mystery injured.      She can no longer remain here. She’s leaving… She’s not afraid.       She has no choice.     
She is no longer safe nor secure.      She is damaged.     
That’s what drives her away.      DAMAGED….     
She no longer wants to be silent on the ground.     
That’s what drives her back into the forest.      She wants to talk.     
She needs the beast.      She wants to talk… And the men don’t talk… What is she doing alone?     
You can’t tell what she’s doing.      It’s done in the lack.      It’s done in the beast.      It’s done in nothing else.
She is in a pitiful state the beast.      You say she’s dying. Not her.      The beast doesn’t say she’s dying.     
She doesn’t feel like that. She fights.      She’s drooling and that’s not all.      She’s got a gaping maw.      She’s raw.     
There is sap under the bark. And saliva in the throat.      And breath in the flesh.      You have to claw the earth.     
You have to gnaw the dust. You have to bite and spit.      The imbalance of continuing.


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