Digital video, 1min13, 2003.

Christine Laquet offers a jerky travelogue along a prominent tour. The alternation of scrolling speeds and the unique verticality of the traveling strongly disrupts the narrative codes usually associated with the idea of ​​horizontality: the point of view also introduces the idea of ​​violent tears from the ground followed by successive crushings such as in a monstrous and gigantic yo-yo“.
Patrice Joly, in 02 Complètement à l’Ouest, Juin 2003.


Infernal or uncontrollable back-and-forths follow one another between the highest point of one of the prestigious tower in France, almost crashing to the ground. Shot from the building’s cleaning platform, the vertical scrolling of images takes us into a dizzying state. The architecture is associated here with the “roller coaster” of the amusement park, where the spectator is projected into the plunge of the great infernal loop. This vertical point of view allows to uninhibit any symbolic projection on this majestic tower. It then takes us to a dreamlike world where we can appropriate a place for a game … C.L.