Series of 3 landscapes composed by 6 paintings : Palm tree, 59,1 x 70cm ; Waterfall, 53 x 65 cm ; Underwood, 56 x 59 cm. Japonese ink on paper laminated on Dibond, laid out on solid oak shelves, 2017.





Our vision of relief is due to an interpretation from the cerebral cortices: what is in our binocular field is perceived from two different points of views (right and left eye). It is therefore by creating two offset and converging images of the same scene that we can have a relief effect. For this series of paintings, I was interested in the invention – a little before photography – of the stereoscopic technique, which reproduces a perception of relief from two plane images. Solid Object Paintings is a series of three stereoscopic paintings, which relate to the subject of the landscape. Like a Tibetan meditation, the viewer exercises his/her gaze beyond the painting “in the distance”; thanks to converging eyes, the paintings appear in volume. It is a ghostly image that will remain etched in the retinal memory. The ambiguity is at its height: painting become as much a sculpture, as it is a photographic process. C.L.