Handle: vine wood taken from the landfall site of the Rocheserviere Meteorite for the Meteorite Anniversary Performance.
Blade: meteorite slice (Campo Del Cielo, AR) with Widmanstätten structures. Length: 21 cm, handle thickness: 3 cm. Co-realisation with Adrian Owen, 2017.




view from Apparition Disparaissante, solo show, Site Saint Sauveur, Rocheservière (FR), 2013.


As a nod to the Tutankhamen Dagger, Knife, Rocheservière lets us perceive the ritual functions and the magic part given to this object, that speaks from an elsewhere.Pascal Pique in “The artist as a meteorite” (in the exhibition’s catalog), 2013.


Since 2013, I have started a long-term series called Knife, … then I add the name of the city for which I created it, as if to mark a place or a belonging. Like a ritual object, each knife is defined by its ability to open, pierce, cut, stab … a wall. Scrupulously chosen, the materials evoke the history of a place, or relate to certain emotions that it can induce. The Knife,… embody a gesture that tries to pierce an infection or to open other horizons. C.L.