Occupied forest  and  Soil analyses
Diorama figures & vegetations, two flocking polyurethan foam sculptures, metal, 65 x45 x 22 cm, 2019.


view from 2019, OK, solo show, Spanien19C, Aarhus, Denmark, 2019.


Laquet presents two moss green sculptures that look like a mix between a dog and a unicorn. On the back of these animal-like sculptures are a group of tiny human beings. Some sunbathe naked, others are fighting or being beaten, and there seems to be no connection between their various actions. Viewers may ask whether they see each other or even register that they are not alone.Mille Højerslev Nielsen, in ‘All correct’ in 2019 – or not?, press release of 2019, OK, Christine Laquet’s solo show, Spanien19C, Aarhus (DK), 2019.


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Link to the exhibition 2019, OK