HD film, 16min30, 2019.
Music performed live by Sofus Forsberg, Decipher Performance Festival, Institut for X, Aarhus (DK).
The setting of the film is uninhabitable and inhospitable to humans, yet those humans continue to explore, survey, construct, and colonize to survive. Like a forewarning of what might happen next, the main vquestion arises: how to inhabit, considering the changes to come due to global warming? As a certain critique of capitalism, Geometric Sprawl documents a utopian act performed by a handful of characters building in a desert. Their actions are quite mechanical, within an apocalyptic atmosphere. In a space between documentary and fiction, the film is made up of sequences combined in a raw style. During the performance, Sofus Forsberg improvised music to the footage which greatly influenced and entered into the final edit of the film. The electronic repetition is leading to a space-trance-like state, it is accompanying a strange drive, where these humans seem to reconstruct a civilization, or maybe are simply attempting to colonize the forbidden space, the inhospitable? C.L.



view from 2019, OK, solo show, Spanien19C, Aarhus (DK), 2019.


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Performance with Sofus Forsberg, Decipher Performance Festival, Institut for X, Aarhus (DK).
with Tracey Moffatt’s Tote bag, 2017.



    ARoS Museum (screening in the amphitheater), Aarhus (DK), 2019.



Link to the show 2019, OK