Fall studies

5 risograh prints series, 31 x 25 cm and 31 x 31 cm (12,2 x 9,8  and 12,2 x 12,2 inches), 2017.


view from Apparition disparaissante, solo show, Saint Sauveur Site, La Rocheservière (FR), 2017.

Fall Studies is a series that combines previous centuries’ astrophysical observations : from the planets’ movement (Descartes whirlwind), to the trajectory of the Perseids, or meteor falls. These elements intertwine with the giant « Ahnighito meteorite » exhibited at the Museum of Natural History, NYC, which American explorer R. Peary acquired from the Inuit in exchange for a gun in 1894. The goal is to envision outer space from a critical point of view in terms of future colonization and colonial science in practice.