Video, loop (5mn), 2007. Co-production : Bangkok University Gallery, French Alliance Bangkok.



Dorippe Granulata is a contemplative film and penetrating portrait of an endangered crab that Laquet tracks using a flashlight, from race to frozen pose by the sea. With a head similar to a samurai warrior, Laquet recalls a scene from the Sokurov film “The Sun” where Emperor Hirohito became ecstatic while observing the crab, just before the Hiroshima bombing. C.L.


Link to the show Qui veut faire l’ange fait la bête



• screenings (selection) :

Qui veut faire l’ange fait la bête, solo show, Bangkok University Gallery, BUG, Thailand, 2007. 

A Meaningfull Moment Through A Meaning(less) Process, solo show, Galeria ON, Poznan, Poland, 2008. 

Soubresaut déplacé, solo show, Sycomore Art Gallery, Paris, France, 2007. 

Coquillages et crustacés, collective show, Arts Modestes Museum, Sète, France, 2007. 

Diva Art Fair, Paris, France, 2007. 

La probabilité du Ricochet, solo show, Pont-En-Royen, France, 2010. 

The Five Moons: Return of the Nameless and Unknown, PyeongChang Biennale, South-Korea, 2017.