Meteorite’s Birthday Performance Walk, Aarhus. 
The Aarhus Meteorite (coll. Museum Natural History, Copenhagen) was 68 years old on Earth, the 4th of October 2019.



In 2017 and 2019, I worked on two exhibition projects involving meteorites (on loan from Natural History Museums) that I was bringing back to the places where they landed. By chance, both of them originated from the asteroid belt, and happened to have landed within the time period of my exhibitions. I decided to organize a Meteorite’s Birthday Performance Walk, inviting a large number of participants to take part. First in Rocheservière (FR), then in Aarhus (DK) with the same protocol: I surveyed a one hour walk in the elliptical area of the meteorite’s impact, where one step symbolized 100,000 years, the circuit is designed so that the gathered public could pace out the age of the meteorite (~4.56 billion years), only if there is a minimum of 6 people, so that the age of the meteorite can be reached. C.L.


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Departing from Spanien19C to the woodland of Risskov, I gave each participant a kit composed of a survival blanket (material I used for my show) and stickers with printed images and texts, that could be applied on the blanket during the walk. I invited astronomer Ole J. Knudsen and art critic Mille H. Nielsen to propose punctuated stops for short tales during the walk. C.L.












Link to 2019, OK show

Link to Meteorite’s Birthday Performance Walk, Rocheservière (FR), 2017.