Video, 12 min, 2009.
Co-realised with Stéphane Pauvret.
Co-production : Recife Museum of Contemporary Art, Nantes City, CulturesFrance.

Manguetown is a short anachronical and metaphysical fiction in which the two principal characters: Darwin and Einstein are here giant puppets made for the occasion of the canavalesque tradition of Northeast Brazil. Well-known scientists, these two “great minds” had likewise each made a trip to Brazil, close to a century apart from each other, and they are meeting here in mangrove marsh. The recent history of this immense country in full economical, social and political mutation intrigued these two intellectuals. Through reconsidering their own theories, teasing each other as old friends, they pass through urban, social and ecological descriptions that question the state of chaos in the capital of Nordeste. C.L.