Earth Sensations: Affects, sensibilities and attachments in an era of climate change
13-14 October 2022

The interdisciplinary conference aims to examine various sensations generated by natural environments in an era of climate change. It intends to explore how ecological mutation reconfigures the way we feel, sense, desire and what long term effects these changes have on mental health of individuals and communities. How do we sustain ourselves, mentally and emotionally, when our environments are destroyed? How do we compose more-than-human collectives that provide favourable conditions not only for survival but also for thriving for humans and nonhumans alike?

The format of the conference is a variation of keynote talks and parallel sessions.

Keynote speakers
Jane Bennett (Johns Hopkins University (USA), author of Vibrant Matter)
Nicole Seymour (California State University, Fullerton (USA), author of Bad Environmentalism: Irony and Irreverence in the Ecological Age)
Alexis Shotwell (Carleton University (Canada), author of Against Purity: Living Ethically in Compromised Times