Embreath Me, Sea.
 Inkjet on Hahnemühle paper, 40 x 50 cm, 2021.


Through multiple forms of production my work draws connections across different time periods to unravel configurations of power and examine the phenomenon of fear. I revisit this feeling in order to better understand its cultural implications and how it is anchored in our minds and bodies. On a geological timescale, I investigate how we relate to our environment by focusing on the nonhuman (animal figures, plants, or minerals) and/or invisible influences through a poetic process of reorganization in search of new perspectives.
In recent years extraterrestrial objects and the cosmological scale have also entered into my research. New horizons which obligate us to redefine what is local and rethink our place on earth. Facing our 21st century troubles by cultivating empathy appears to be a potential antidote to heightened individualism and inward-looking attitudes.
I became interested in examining these phenomena using sensory experience to question emotion and perception in order to mediate these encounters between human and other. Specific sites take on meaning as possible metaphors for experimentation and cooperation. Combined with a research-based approach, my work aims to span the gap between the viewer/participant, anchored here in the Anthropocene, and the farthest reaches of space and time. Through graphic, performative, or installation works, I seek to challenge our gaze, and to change points of view. I am questioning what other presents and futures become possible by confronting and assembling varied elements. I seek to provoke what Roland Barthes called “a co-presence of two discontinuous elements, heterogeneous in that they did not belong to the same world.”